Small tube amp for office suggestions?

I spend much of my day writing and online and play tunes in the background. (I admit its a tough way to make a living but someones got to do it.) I've got a Cambridge Audio integrated but am interested in replacing it with a tube integrated. Obviously, I don't need a lot of power and don't want to spend a lot to power background music.

My ideal is a tube integrated with a mute button and left to right speaker balance for a couple hundred or less.

Vintage Pilot, Scott, Fisher, Heath, Eico...... You can even get a vintage tube receiver.
The Sophia Baby does not have a balance but it does have a preamp section and a volume control. It sounds very nice for about 500 used and is quite attractive with a very modest footprint; does not run too hot, either. Nice amp for the money with decent power (10 watts).
Antique Sound Labs has a ton of stuff. I've heard some of it is very good, too. Check their website.