Small speakers for retail store

Looking for recommendations for small speakers that can be wall/ceiling/shelf mounted or placed inconspicuously for use in a retail store or coffee shop (think "Starbucks" or about the size of a large living room) for background music (but still looking for as good quality as can be had for the budget, something non-fatiguing to play all day).

Budget in the $300-500 range, recommendations for used ok but would like some options for new as well.
I think that Mirage Omnisats or Omnisat Micros are ideal for this type of application. They're omnipolar so you don't have to be sitting in a specific sweet spot. You can move around a room, such as would occur in a retail appication, and the sound will be consistent. They're small and can be wall or ceiling mounted. You can see them at the company's website at and hear them at whatever dealer is closest to you.
I would suggest omnidirectional speakers, as what you want is good tonal balance throughout the room with little consideration for imaging. Mirage comes to mind.

The problem with conventional speakers listened to well off-axis or from far away is that the tonal balance sounds wrong. This is because it is impossible to design a conventional small two-way to give good on-axis response and good power response (summed omnidirectional response) at the same time. The farther off-axis you are, or the farther away from the speakers you are, the more the power response dominates the perceived tonal balance. A speaker designed for good omnidirectional response is much more likely to sound good under those conditions.

Epos Els3

The Bronze finish is real classy. Great for resturant or coffee shop.
2nd Gallo.
See what Gallo Due would run.Go to their site.Must say smallest spheres and little sub does not cut it but if you go to a dealer listen and see what you might get the larger metal more pitch accurate sub.All have good wall mount brackets availible.Check out there site then just run model numbers through google to get prices.
Just for the record, I happen to be a Gallo dealer - so I appreciate the thumbs up they're getting here. However, I still think that for this particular application a pair of omni-type speakers makes more sense.

It occurs to me that you might even want to play a mono signal through each speaker rather than stereo, so that a person seated close to one speaker and far from the other isn't hearing only one channel. This is assuming the speakes are widely spaced - if not, then it probably doesn't matter.

Take a look at the morel chorus loudspeaker at (morel usa Brookline MA). I have a pair of the 11" squared cubes on either side of a couch in a small room. Good quality background music and easy to place.
I am selling them plus a mission cyrus intergrated one and matching tuner to fund a purchase for my main system. They retail for $900 and mine can be had for $450 plus shipping.
I think that for new speakers, the Paradigm Atom will do very nicely as they are a credible full range for their small size. If you can accept a slightly larger sized speaker, the Paradigm Titan would have a bit more bass. These speakers represent truly good value and would surprise you with their sound. The Atom's are around $200 for a new pair, and the Titans are only slightly more. Research the reviews to see how well they are touted, and do listen at a showroom. For your use, you need not spend more nor do you need much better speakers. Even at home, these speakers will amaze you at how good they are.
Thanks for all the great recommendations so far! Much appreciated.

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A.D.S. (Analog Digital Systems) has been filling this application for decades with their die-cast mini-monitors.
Original models were the L200 and L300, followed by the current all-weather L210 and L310, respectively.

Web site:
dude go for a big openbaffle design with a little fr125s fullrange driver from css in the middle (roughly). a moth cicada driver would do superbly as well for low volumes if you are using a low power amp. use the surrrounding area as a sign for your prices and items. this way the speaker is out of the way. get the speaker a meter away from the back wall. do it. thank me later.