small footprint balanced pre-amp

My previous post probably was not as well thought out as it should have been, and I got no replies so I'm trying again...

I'm looking for a great-sounding pre-amp that is at most 11" deep, that is fully balanced (has at least one set of balanced inputs and has balanced outputs).

tube or SS....

Price range: up to $5K, new or used....

Any thoughts? the only ones I've found are the Rowland Capri and the Coda Technologies 05x.


I own the Capri and the footprint is indeed small. Better yet it will come it at a very attractive price used. It's a lot o preamp for the money.
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Capri .. It's a lot o preamp for the money.

I agree with Clio09
I own the Pass X1 and one of my hi-fi friends the JRDG Capri
Both are splendid preamps for the price ... the Capri is a bit more "Romantic" expecially in mids while the Pass Labs X1 is a bit more open in the highs.
I echo Curio and Clio. . . I also use the small JRDG Capri and absolutely love it. . . It is a differentially balanced design with XLR, RCA, theater bypass, and a simple remote. used to use ARC Ref 3 in my system, but I do prefer the Capri in most audible parameters. . . besides, it is cosmetically extremely attractive. G.
Very helpful, thanks all. And I had definitely missed the Bryston, so thanks for pointing that out Bob.

Has anyone found any truth to the reviews that state the Capri is somewhat rolled off in the treble? Is that what Curio means by "romantic"?

Anyone familiar with the Coda unit?

Thanks again.

I perceived Capri to be slightly more extended in the treble and bass than the ARC Ref 3. Furthermore, compared to the same, Capri seems to yield a fairly neutral frequency response without obvious humps or trofs. Interestingly, I perceive greater macro/micro dynamics in Capri than Ref 3. I have not heard Pass gear, so I can't comment on how it may compare with Pass on the 'Romantic' scale.
I don't hear any treble roll off with the Capri in my system. Not sure what the definition of romantic might be, but I do know that the Capri is a musical preamp without sacrificing detail. The break in is a bit long and can result in some "mood" swings, but once broken in the sound is consistent.