SLP 98P paired dynavector 20x2high cartridge?

Has any one tried or paired or listen to the dynavetcor 20X2 phono cartridge. With a standard cary audio SLP 98P preamp into a Cary CAD 120s amp? planing to up grade my system, but found a sweet deal on a new Dynavector high output phono cartridge. I have tried moving magnet but dose not suite my set up.
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As an alternative option, you can send your SLP 98P back to Cary and have them install Lundahl step-up transformers.

This kicks the gain up to about 55dB, and sets the loading to 100 Ohms. Coupled to the 20dB found in the linestage, this gives enough gain for about 95% of low output moving coil cartridges, without the need for an external phonostage.
I happen to like my 20X H but do think you are limiting yourself unecesarrily. You can always get a step up for more gain or a separate phonostage for MCs. I would probably love the final product. I use a Cary made pre but not a Cary phono or amp. I have always wanted to try one however and am a bit jealous.
I have the CAD 120's and the SLP98P The DV 10x5 worked fine even though I think the build quality is garbage. You need 1.4mV for the cart to work. The DV 20x2 should have enough output to wirk fine without any mods. The 10x5 output is 2.5mV I think, and the TT was as loud as all of the other sources. Best of luck.
That's the problem why I am upgrading in the first place. I am running totem forest in a large room. With my sli-80 great mach but not enough volume in triode for vinyl then on digital . Especially for a future upgrade to the Totem element Earth speakers.' so finishing up my first system. Then buying a cary 120s first then sell my sli-80 for a cary slp-98p but on a budget. And not willing to pay extra to get the phono stage converted to MC, if I have too. I live in northern Alberta Canada and shipping is not cheap!
Totem and tubes don't mix we'll, that's the real problem.
Has anyone heard or have the moving coil upgraded or version for the cary sli-98p preamp. What is the output voltage of the cartridge running with it?