Simens EL34

Looking for some NOS EL34 to round out my collection and save for future use when my current tubes fail.

Has anyone heard the RAM Siemens EL34?  If so any descriptions of their sonic characteristics would be appreciated.





if you are referring to the rft east german made old stock el34's (thinner bottle dimple top) i have plenty of experience with them

they are a very good tube, excellent clarity, very fine grained treble, a nice spot lit midrange and very decent bass foundation, but in that respect not quite the equal of british true mullards or real deal gec/genalex kt77's which imo are the best of breed

I have 12 matched Siemens EL-34’s from Mesa Boogie that I used for a few hundred hours (for “special occasions”, that is, having friends over) plus 2 unused (spares) if you’re interested.  Sold that amp, no longer need them.  



Are your EL 34 old production tubes?

If so do you know the era they were produced?

Sounds interesting.

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