Sim I3, I5 or Music Fidelity A3.5, 5 with Dyn 140

I am in a bit of a toss up. I had the Arcam Solo, and though nice, did not give me the power that I crave to drive these speakers. I listen to quite a bit of rock and acoustic work. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!
Of the Sim units go with the I3 over the I5 for rock.

Never heard the 3.5.

The A5 has plenty of power and would probably be my choice of the four you listed for rock.
I had a pair of 140's. I first used a Musical fidelity a3.2 integrated. It was rather weak. I then went to a MF a308 integrated. That was a tremendous improvement; all the power the 140's needed. I listened to the a3.5 and a5 at a dealer. Of those two, the a5 would be far better suited.
Currently I have a pair of Dynaudio Contour 1.4 with a Simaudio I3se. It has less power, albeit more than sufficient, but delightfully more musical. You might say it has better musical fidelity than the Musical Fidelity.
I used i3 with 1.3se.Plenty of umph.I3 is a great little amp with dyns!