Sim Audio Super Nova owners - comments

As a 6K player, I am curious how owners feel about this unit compared to other similar priced offerings. The cost puts it right in the middle of fairly exotic and relatively affordable. Is it worth the asking price? Comments on its performance - resolution and tonal character would be welcome. I have heard some Sim CDPs have a mid hall presentation, is it the case with this unit. How does it stack up against the older Eclipse model?

I am considering auditioning one, its a bit out of my way so I am just not sure and curious what others have found with this unit. Good or bad.

thanks for any and all information.


I am new to Audiogon. Sorry for late response, but since I have Simaudio maybe I can help.

I do not have Supernova, but have Andromeda. I have Eclipse also. I hope you can get an estimate from below.

Andromeda has deeper bass, not as "dirty" sounding as Eclipse (I could not idenify the 'dirty' characeristic until I did side by side audition). Andromeda has more 'air' hall ambience. Andromeda also has more PRAT than Eclipse (pace and timing).

Orchestra sounds more burnished, or should I say, more full, strings more full, and mofre burnished brass with the Andromeda.

More detail and soundstage with andromeda. And more of a mid hall sound.

Andromeda has more dynamic range than Eclipse, I do not kow of any player with more dynamic range.

Hope this is semi useful. I hope also you can guess the characteristics based on above. Audition is required for purchase for me, as some players had too forward of a presentation. I was very tempted by idea of a Marantz 7s1 and Esoteric X03SE. Reviews abound for Supernova, not as many for Andromeda. New CD1 is only $1500.


Well when the supernova first came out I spoke to Costa at simaudio. His words were sound wise " The supernova is 85% of the eclipse". Maybe he has cheanged his mind now that the eclipse is no longer offered. The eclipse is a very good player. The only real weakness I noticed in the eclipse was in the bass region. I haven't heard the andromeda. I presently own an esoteric x-03 se which is superior to the eclipse in every regard.