Silver to Preamp & Copper to Amp?

I've heard this described as a logical setup. Something about preserving the details from the source, and then being more controlled and true to the base as you feed the power amp.

I'm looking to run AQ Diamond X3 (balanced) from DAC to my BAT preamp, and then AQ Anaconda to my Krell amp. However, my cable lengths would make it much easier to do the copper Anaconda to the pre and the silver DiamondX3 to the amp. As I prepare, any thoughts on whether I'm OK either way?

John B
Worked for me. Using silver in the whole path was too much. I lost midrange palpability. I now only use silver from the DAC to the preamp. Everything else is copper, including my phono interconnects.

I use only copper throughout. A lift in the top end will continue through the rest of the system, no matter where you perpetrate it, unless something else is rolling it off.

My cables(Sonoran Plateau) use all copper, and even use copper based solder, in order to maintain the sonic integrity of alike materials.

Good quality copper cables with correct geometry, and good resonance control is where it is at.
It depends on the particular cables used. The new T.G. Audio high purity silver cables are extremely detailed and not, repeat, not agressive or bright. I have tried many cables and these are the kings by far.
I cannot imagine ever using anything but silver. It is the front end that make silver bright, not the cabling. Why obscure your sound.
The only truth about the Silver vs Copper is clarity.
Warm, or bright, it all depends on how you make the cable. If you buy commercial cable then you have no control over what you're looking to get. One way to do it is to have someone custom make the cable for you or find out how each cable sound.
You might want to consider the Sonic Precision cables (rhodium-copper alloy). The have NO silver edge but are much more detailed than copper cables.
Purist Audio uses complex alloys.Maybe that's the answer.Great stuff anyway.