Recommended cartridge for OL Silver w/CAT preamp

Anyone have suggestions for what cartridge would work with my origin live silver or Encounter arms and a CAT preamp mk2?

I may trade the OL Silver for an OL Encounter or Illustrious mk2 arm. I am sure there is a difference between the Silver and the Illustrious but if the Encounter get 90% there I can live with that. What do you all think?

My table is a vpi hw-19 mk IV w/tnt upgrade and sama motor. I am thinking of adding a battery supply and crystal control to secure the correct speed of the table - anyone have some thoughts?

Thanks guys. It's a great forum. I very much enjoy reading it.


With my former CAT SL1 MkII and III, the ZYX line of catridges will work wonderfully. I would get one with 0.48mV output as the 0.24mV will require a step-up Xformer. Loading for ZYX cartridges is 100 ohms.

Happy hunting!
I'm using a grado statement reference (0,5 mV).

origin live silver or Encounter arms i don't know this arm. Combination of arm and cartridge (low or high compilance) is important, 0,5 mV will do fine in combination with my CAT SL1.
Thanks for the advice.