Sigur Ros KID-A's Daddy ?

Sigur Ros-Agaetis Byrjun on cd or LP.One of The most hauntingly beautiful albums I've ever heard.From Iceland and the Music takes you there.Thom York and Radiohead were heavily influnced by this band when writing Kid-A.More accessible than Kid-A I would say.I don't know what I would compare this band's Music too,possibly Icey snowcapped mountains in Iceland.The guitarist plays with a violin bow and sings in a made up language.Chilling!Rave reviews everywhere the last few years.Just Buy it!!Shine on,JD
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Like Kid A I think Agaetis Byrjun isn't a perfect album-it's very good in places,I tend to think they have potential and an interesting sound-aparently their new record that is due out soon is a more realised version of their sound .
I would describe them as a rockier, more dynamic Coucteau Twins or if you imagined Bjork fronting a blend of Radiohead/The Bunnymen/U2.
It's a well recorded record too.
They are currently touring the U.S.A. Nice live show.

I don't really hear the Kid A in their Agaetis Byrjun. To me they have a very retro 80's sound. Like a sedated Sugarcubes meets the Jesus and Mary Chain. Well descriptions are pretty worthless. Agreed, Just buy it.
Ben why don't you tell us all the name of the new Sigur Ros album