Signet SL 260 replacement parts

Hi guys, brand new to the forum, I was recommended to this site by a friend.

First off, I am no audiophile. Noob at best, but at least I know how to wire my speakers correctly and appreciate good sound.

Now to the story:

I received a pair of Signet speakers from my father, they are Signet SL 260 B/U's. Purchased in the 90's, they sounded amazing but are in need of a tune up.

The right woofer is actually cracked, so it needs replaced. Since I am doing one, I figured I would replace both woofers.

The foam pad surrounding the tweeter is pretty roached, and powders when touched. Based on some research, many people have recommended actually removing the pad all together and not replacing it, and the speaker sounds even better.

As for the woofer/tweeter that is there currently, they came with Vifa P17WJ-00 6.5" woofers and Seas 1" soft dome tweeters. However, in my searching, another owner said his speakers came with a 3/4" tweeter, so without taking it out and measuring, not quite sure which is actually there.

I have taken out the woofers, both look fine, except that the right one is actually cracked in the front.

Here are some of my questions:
1) I found a similar replacement woofer here:

This isn't the identical one, but is a Vifa 6.5" woofer. Will this work? Should I use this part?

I would like to use as close as original parts if possible, not knowing much about speakers or their components, these sounded great with what they had, which is why I "think" I want to stick with OEM-ish parts. However, a large consensus could change that.

2) I can't find the tweeter that matches, and in looking around, Vifa sells a lot, and I am not sure what to go for. Suggestions:

3) Since only the one woofer is bad, should I replace the tweeters? I don't know if they are still good or not, should I just replace everything versus having to install the woofers only to find out that I should have done them also?

4) Last and probably most important, replacing the woofer and/or tweeter, is this something I should undertake? If it is as simple as taking out the 4 screws, clipping the wires, and re-soldering new ones, then I am fine with that. Is there more to it?

Once again, thanks again for any help.