Repair Parts for Nakamichi CD Player2

Anybody know where I can get a rebuild kit or parts for a Nakamichi CD Player2 ?
It's skipping and the tray is not opening without manually pulling on it.
Try Audio Specialties in Portland, OR. 503.257.3206.
I have an MB2 that needed a belt so the drawer would open. It is a small belt and is available at any electronic parts store. I have an extra around somewhere. As for the skipping, if the lens needs cleaning you can diy with alcohol and a q tip. If the laser is gone then look for another machine. Does the player skip on all Cds or just some?
I can't help with the skipping issue other than to suggest cleaning the laser, but I had the same drawer issue and repaired it today. If you open the case and watch how the drawer works, you'll see it has a small spring-action metal catch/latch with a tiny white wheel on it at the rear of the slide that the drawer moves on. The latch engages with the slide mechanism when it is closed. I put some dry teflon lubricant on the latch and slide then slightly bent the latch away from the drawer to relieve some of the pressure. It works fine now.
Does anyone have pictures of the spring catch/latch? Doing that makes sense to me.
The drawer problem is a belt related issue. As for the skipping, the laser lens should be cleaned, the mechanism lubricated and several electronic adjustments made. Some of the adjustments are not easy to do and require a special Nakamichi test unit plugged to different connectors on the board and an oscilloscope. The mechanism itself is quite durable. So, it is quite always possible to save them. In all cases you should use clean unscratched CDs.
My CD player has a little different issue. The drawer opens ok, but when it closes, it only pulls the loading tray and leave behind the draw opened. Did any body have similar issue? Please advice on how you fixed it.