Shunyata vs. Virtual Dynamics power cords

Any experiences/opinions re. source and power applications with Shunyata power cords vs. Virtual Dynamics
I actually like the Supra LoRad power cables better for both, & so does my wallet!
I believe dollar for dollar the virtual dynamics power cords are the best buy in pcs today.As for their new revelation power cord it blew away my nbs statement extreme and then I borrowed a top of the line elrod and compared it,a little closer but it still beat it by a huge margin.So I sold my 5 nbs cords and bought 5 virtual dynamics cords,probably the single biggest upgrade I ever made.Do yourself a favor and try these cords,the proof is in the listening.
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I also tried the VD Revelation and it took my modded Wadia to a level that I didn't know existed. The Revelation is at a level that surpasses anything that a number of my friends have experienced before. I have posted about the VD products and the great value they offer but never seem to get the response that the Elrod lovers post. So, if you have the gumption, try either the Master or the Revelation cords and i/c, to see if they work in your system. I think that Strapper is dead on when he says that "it beat the Elrod by a huge margin" because that was my experience as well. So all you Elrod lovers, take note -Dennis
I have Master and NiteII pc's and are fabulous I don't want to think what the revelation can do better than the master.....I'll keep my bank-balance steady for now.....
Also like Siltech pc's.
I have just upgraded all my power cords from the Nite Platinum series to the Masters LE 2.0. Amazing powers cords. Now it's just a matter of comparing the IC's and speakers cables to my MIT SHotgun S1's.
Since then I've changed to STEALTH Dream & M5000, another class of naturalness and finesse.
I have to agree about the Virtual Dynamics Revelation pc. It transformed my Wadia cd player. Very noticeable and positive improvement.

I found it made a bigger difference on the CD system than the power amp, but that may be susyem dependnet
no, you're right most power cords do bigger justice in cdplayers!

Most power amps have intra-filtration.