Shout out to REM Tour

Just saw them at Hollywood Bowl. Great to see them back in form, after a rocky 10 years of albums. New album sounds great next to their classic catalog. On top of their game musically. Sonically, one of the best sounding shows ever. Michael Stipe can really hit the notes. Catch them if you can.

Anybody else in Gon World see them?
I saw them last night at the Greek theater @ Bezerkley.

They were very good. Their set list was good, shifted a bit to the latest album, as expected, but since that album is one of their better albums of the last 10 years, even that was fine. And, they played a decently long set @ 2 hours.

I will state that I've seen them better, but that was quite awhile ago, when both Michael Stipe and gang, (and myself for that matter), were all on the better side of middle aged! :-)

(Man, does Michael Stipe look old or what?! I'm afraid to look in the mirror now, since he is only about 10 weeks older than I am. Yikes!!!)

Modest Mouse was very good as well, although their set was way too short, as I really wanted to see them do a full set. (They played about 45 minutes.) They too played mostly from their latest album, but again, since it was a pretty good album, that was fine.

The National, the opening act, was pretty darn good too. I think I will try to find some of their music to try them out.

My two cents worth.
Run, do not walk, to buy "Boxer" by The National. "Boxer" has become an instant classic in my mind. Give it 3 or 4 listens before making a jusdgement. This is coming from a huge REM fan. Back in high school (late 80's) I was told by a friend that I needed to expand my musical collection. I responded that I didn't understand - I listen to all kinds or REM.


I caught REM at Red Rocks (with Wilco) a few years back. Except for the cold, it was a great show.