Shout Out to Zu Audio's customer service

This topic pops up every now and then so I thought I'd add Zu Audio to the list of companies that do right by their customers. I needed to have the amp end of my Event speaker cables reterminated from spade to banana. After speaking to them and quoted a price (a very reasonable $10/connector and shipping) I sent them out on Tuesday and from the tracking number, they should arrive by Friday or Saturday. 

Well, just this Thursday afternoon, I get an email stating that the work is done and the product is already shipped back to me with the tracking number and a link to make payment. AFTER the work was done. I couldn't ask for more and if the return shipping is as fast as the original was, the whole transaction will take 5 days! What more could anyone ask for?

If only the world ran like this. 

All the best,

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Cool great to hear that,  I loved their room at Cap Audio Fest, an oasis of chill good music and good sound.
I am a huge fan of Zu - in part because their customer service. I have had multiple experiences just like the OP reports. Plus, there is always someone knowledgeable who answers the phone.
Very good customer service. And, quality products at a great price point.
I use their interconnects and power cords for my equipment.
Also, when I needed repair for my Zu Union's, they fixed the binding posts for free, and upgraded the Caps and refinished the cabinets for a very reasonable price.
They get it. Always well thought out advice and service. 
Zu is great. A friend was having some issues with his Druid speakers and was very impressed with their customer service