Should Rotel be ok to drive Totem Forrest?

Does anyone use Rotel to drive Totem forrest? I would like to hear what you think about it?

Hello, I am a dealer of both and the match is quite good. I would also listen to Arcam on the Totems. Parasound amps are good too as long as you don't use their pre-amps.
Another good brand on them ius Musical Design.
Which Rotel? Rotel in very general terms are capable with good sound. And at their price points, you can afford to move up the line for more power. Other considerations are Cambridge and for a little more the new Audiolab line (shipping this Spring).
Thanks for response.

I actually have Rotel RC-1070 (pre-am) and RB-1080(amp). So, if replace rotel pre-amp with something else, does the sound signature change? I think rotel pre-amp is the weakest chain in the line.

I agree with you. Find a used VTL, Musical Design, or if you want a sleeper brand that is awesome, I have an Encore 2010 for sale in Audiogon that is almost as good as a CAT Signature. I am not self promoting and to prove so there are 2 on Audiogon and you can buy the other one. :-)

I have the same problem with Parasound pre-amps i told you earlier about and Rotel. It is hard to make a solid state pre-amp very good and under $2000 almost imposible. Classe isn't bad though.
Duane, i appreciate your suggestion. Even though i'm not into tube, i will take a look. Is there any other solid state pre-amp you would suggest? How about Krell, plinius, Musical Fidelity, or Bryston?

thanks again.
I think Rotel might be a bit bright for Totem. Totem are almost made for tube.

I've heard them with a 30W/ch tube and they sound great.
Totem Forrest are great speakers. They image like crazy. Have superior bass for their small stature. And, throw a soundstage like nobody's business.

That being said, I like Totem Forrest and have them in my 2nd system. "CELLOROVER" makes a good point... Which Rotel amp are you considering? You could go with a receiver, small amp with separates or the large 380W Stereo Amp.

My system is driven with a Krell Showcase DVD, Audio Refinement Pre, and Marsh A400S amp which is 200W into 8 ohms and nearly 400W into 4 ohms. I'll tell you the bass, detail, dynamics and soundstage is incredible for my 18x20' room.

Totem's are releative ineffecient speakers, so you really need to concentrate on a competently designed amp with sufficient power supply to drive these 4 ohm speakers. You don't want to run out of juice just when you need it most.

I do not have Rotel, however, I would suggest that you would not go wrong with the Rotel 200W stereo amp. If your budget allows for the BIG 380W amp, the sound with that amp will give you fantastic dynamics and not the mention great damping factor for speaker control.

Sorry to run on, but the more information you have, the better decision you can make.

Happy listening
Hello again. Plinius and Musical Fidelity do make good pre-amps but with Totems I think the Plinius would win. Even though you are not into tubes, you will have a ton of Audiogoners backing me up when I say that in the world of pre-amps, tubes completely dominate. Amps are a different story and are speaker dependant.

Other pre-amps I forgot was Audible Alusions and David Berning. (both tubes.) Klyne made a good solid state.

Stay away from Krell, Levinson, Boulder, and Bryston. Very over rated and a bad match with Totem.

Good Luck and audition before buying.
George3, I have Rotel amp RB-1080 with 200 wpc and rotel pre-amp RC-1070. Even though, they sounds good to me, but i think rotel pre-amp is weakest link and i want to get the most out of Totem Forrest. So i'm thinking of upgrading either pre-amp only or integrated amp. My room is smaller , about 12x14.

Duane, I have no experience with tube. Do i have to tune in the tube (I heard someone said so) or replace the tube once in a while? How long does a tube normally last?

what do you think of Plinius 9200 and 8200 MkII? Is 9220 superior over 8200 MKII? Honestly, i heard 9200 , but not 8200 and 9200 is way over my budget even used one. Also, i am looking at Musical Fidelity integrated amp A5.

thanks again for your time giving me suggestions.

I would have to disagree with you on the Bryston being a bad matchup with totem. I have heard the B-60 SST on a pair of Arro's and hopefully will be aquiring a B-60 for my Arro's soon. The B-60 is very musical while not being colored. However what i like most is its top sounds silky smooth and really brings forth the Arro's strongpoints. Furthermore the bass is great. Grain free sound with a solid warranty to back it up. The Class A headphone amp, great pre-amp section, and small size is just a bonus.
Hello again,

The 8200 is awesome and is better than any separates I have heard in the same price range when you compare new retail to new retail.

As for tubes, pre-amps are easier because you don't have to bias them and they usually last at least 3 years and some last 5 or more years. Tubes for a pre-amp are easy to change and don't cost much. ($20 to 60 each) most pre-amps have between 4 tubes and 8 and most often only 2 to 4 of the tubes are more expensive.
Update: I purchased Plinius 9200. I'm happy with the Plinius sound. I now quest for cdp. The followings are on my list:

Ayre CX-7e
Musical Fidelity A5
Arcam FMJ 36 or Diva 192
Cary 306/200

Would you please comment on these cdps?
I had the 1070 and 1080 - and clearly the 1070 was the weak link. I moved up to the 1090 only 30 days after getting the 1070 pre. and the 1090 made a huge improvement.

The 1080 amp is powerful and a great value, but the preamps that Rotel offers leave something to be desired. The 1090, sounds pretty good but for $1,200 - I think you can do better.
Hvu – Congrat's on the 9200. It's a great amp. If you have the ability to run it on 220V do so and be amazed. I have the 9100 and currently use it with the Model 1’s. I tried and/or auditioned several different cdp’s and found that something with tubes really seemed to work the best with the Plinius/Totem combo. They really make the Plinius purr. I auditioned the A5, Arcam, and Ayre and choose the Audio Aero Prima. Just a wonderful match up IMO.
I think i will audition ayre cx-7e as Totem recommends it. Or arcam fmj 33.
By the way, what do you mean that i should try with 220v?
thanks again
When I say run it on 220v I mean to convert the unit from its factory 110 volt setting to 220 volts, unless you’re in Europe or Asia and then it’s already set that way. Plinius gear is designed to run on 220v and sounds much better when it does. It really opens up the unit and give it better bass attack, more extended highs, and better decay. It’s a very simple 5 minute process, which just involves switching 2 wires under the hood (no soldering involved). There is a schematic inside the unit to show you how to do it, or I’m sure that your dealer would probably do it for free. You of course would need a 220v circuit to plug into and a power cord with a 220v plug. Well worth the effort though. My 9100 on 220v sounds almost like the 9200 on 110v. I’m told, although I’ve never AB’s them, that the 9200 on 220v sounds as good as the 102.
So you can switch the Plinius 9200 which is sold in the U.S. for 200 volts?