Should I have speaker cabinetry repaired?

See my featured ad on Audiogon for "Legacy Audio Victoria LE 20th Anniversary Speakers". Robert Harley raved in "The Absolute Sound". They go low, are 94db efficient, and the ribbon tweeter is to die for. One speaker has 2 small indentations down on the front edge (see photos). Are the dents a turnoff, and should I have them repaired if possible? I am selling everything, because at 73, I just can't sit through long sessions anymore, otherwise, I would never have given them up.
I have Aerials at fair cosmetic shape and I'd like to keep them that way. They look industrial. There are many designers that like to immitate ripping clothes.
Nice speakers. I wouldn't bother to fix them if you're selling them. Honestly I couldn't see the indentations you speak of and I stared at those pictures for awhile. It's too bad you have to sell them.
Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. I say let the new owner decide-someone will likely be very happy with them.
The left hand photo shows them, but thanks for the responses. I don't think they're bad, but I wanted to know from someone else's point of view. Thanks again
You will take a price hit on the used market for any dents but it should not be that bad. It will depend on your asking price. People will always try to get you to go lower on your asking price and will use the dents to justify it.