Does anyone know where to get a Chiro repaired?

Chiro C-800
Try contacting Fred Pham. He was one of Kinergetics head tech's and is supposedly still repairing / upgrading the Kinergetics and Chiro gear. Unfortunately, i don't have an email address for him, so if someone comes up with one, please post it so that we have one point of reference to refer people to.

Since this is his home address and phone, please show some respect in how and when you contact him. Nobody wants to be bothered at 2 AM if you know what i mean, especially someone showing up at your door : )

Fred Pham
26103 Belle Porte Ave Apt D
Harbor City, CA 90710
(310) 534-5336
Contact Fred Pham. The last
email that I had for him is
If that doesn't work, email me,
I think I have his phone number.
Is she still missing Xavier Cugat? Oh...sorry--wrong spelling!
have you tried a chiro-practor?

Cornfedboy...I am a Chiropractor and I like the response. Better yet, you spelled it correctly !!!
might try