Should I even consider setting my rig up in this location at my new home?

Hello, I am trying to decide if I should even attempt to setup my system in this location in my basement, I have plenty of room to bring the speakers well into the room to breathe but I do not have the distance to side walls that I currently have. I currently have the speakers setup with the front baffles 55" from front wall and 32" from side walls. The new location would shrink that side wall distance to about 16". I could set the rig up on the main level of the house but would really like to have it in the finished basement. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I have AAD Silver Reference 7's, VPI Classic 3 sig, Marantz SA-11S1, Sachs/McShane HK Citation II, Klyne SK6, Richard Gray Pole Pig and 400 pro, Transparent cables.

Thank you so much for you time and help ahead of time.


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I'd think you have a good shot at making that work with a little more toe in (if needed) and treating the first reflection points on the side walls.  Or, you may find in the new room the acoustics allow you to move your speakers a little closer together and still sound good.  Another idea is to try setting the speakers up straddling the corner with one speaker near the back wall and the other near the side wall so the corner bisects the speakers -- so the speakers' output travels diagonally across the room.  If I'm you I'd do whatever it takes to avoid having my speakers on the main level, unless you're lucky enough to live alone. 
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Sounds good and I think I will give it a go downstairs. The basement is finished and no history of ever having and water. There are several other placement options down there, this one just allows for me to have the speakers pulled the furthest distance into the room and still have the WAF! I really appreciate and value your input.

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