Should a CDP be left on 24/7 or shut off & on?

I read once on Audio Critique that digital eqipment should be left constantly on. Over the weekend I had to disconnect my Rega Planet Original for for 24+ hours and, frankly, do not hear any difference from when it was constantly on. This obviously is difficult to A/B.
What do you do with your digital equipment: leave it on 24/7 or power it down when not in use?

Those players with a tube front end benefit from being on 24/7. But if your not going to play for extented times then it's a good idea to turn them off. This will prolong the life of the tubes. I haven't heard of anyone leaving units with out a tubed front end on 24/7.....
I turn my system off (always have) when not using it. I believe it stabalizes in 10 or 15 minutes. I don't hear any difference and figure I'm saving precious resources.
Also, I've come to the conclusion that I don't listen with the same intent or intensity as some others on this site.
I left my original Rega planet on for most of the time - and I did notice a small difference after listenting to it for an hour or two after turn on. A good idea with the original planet is to have a CD loaded (not running), since then you can turn the display off completely to avoid diplay burn out.

Enjoy the original planet - it still is a great CDP.

If it doesn't have tubes in the output, leave it on all the time.
It may depend on what equipment you have.

I find that the Audio Aero Capitol II does need warm up time.
Isn't the Capitol always, if you don't shut it off from the back, on all the time. My AA Prima is. It is designed to always be on, and the display remains off. Keeps those little tubes toasty. I cannot imagine having any cdp long enough for the display to burn out from being left on.
If solid state, I'd leave it on all the time, unless I was listening to analog, in which case it should be turned off. Certainly doesn't hurt it. With tubes, I prefer to leave it on all the time as well (with the caveat about analog), though it does eventually wear out the glowing bottles. To my ears, digital equipment sounds its best when it's been on a few days at least.
Isn't that a thought?

I leave all my gear on fulltime and turn the dac and cd transport's display's off.

The Capitole is on all the time unless you turn off the switch in the back. I have a friend who has been concerned with lightning strikes, so he turns off his DarTZeel and Capitole II. It's awful. I ask him to put the system on in the morning if I'm coming over at night.

It simply doesn't fill out without being on.
No harm in leaving it on. Having said that...if the player has a standby mode you can probably use that. Most better players with standby are designed to leave that part of the player on that has the long warmup parts; and they shut off things like the display and the transport which don't matter to save power.

My CDP specifically says this in the manual.

Check the manual or the manufacturer if you like. Cheap players also have standby, but they really only leave enough on so the remote can turn it back on.
Seeing that the answer may depend on the model of my CDP, last night I sent the question to Rega themselves & received a response:

Question: Is there any benefit to leaving my Rega Planet powered on all time or can I shut it off when I am not using it?

Answer: The Planet will not come to any harm if left on permanently, however in these environmentally aware times I would always recommend turning the player on 10 minutes before use. This will allow it to warm up to optimum temperature, save electricity and prolong the life of the CD player.


Simon Webster
Customer Service Coordinator
Rega Research Ltd.
it's on 24/7....when i mean on ,playing 24/7 .Not on stand-by.
I think you have already answered your quesiton. If you heard no difference in sound with it off, then there is no reason to leave it on. Trust your ears.
Some of you guys leave tubes on 24/7? What is the logic in that? Tubes only take about 30-45 minutes to warm up.

If you have not noticed already - there isn't much logic on this forum. ;)

As for the subject, I only leave my Integrated on - CDP stays off.
Everything stays on 24/7 except my tube phono stage.
lol baroque_lover - maybe some people have a hard time finding out what to do with their money, so they solve that by leaving tubes on all the time and replacing them more often. That does make sense now.
it's a state of mind in save money, means you don't have any.
save time ???? ( i don't know what to do with the extra time saved. maybe I can post nonsense on the Gon.)
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save the life of your tubes. Hey I better not enjoy my hobby ,better save my tubes....hey 1 hour to warm them up and 1/2 hour to listen. save the tubes and the the wear and tear on your floor and heels and shoes and save us from.??? Hey you better save this in your hard drive...LOL

I don't have tubes.

Everything you own is " borrowed " you won't take any of it with you. But your are so wise to save it. So wise that you even are aware of the dumb ones that use it know actually live life and not save it.
the better components that 'are' affected by a longer warm- up will generally have a stand-by mode. most of the break-in time is in our heads, not our stereos.
Wow C5150 that was... really useless and not related to anything. You really are 5150 aren't you ;)

I enjoy your posts though.

Ok let's get serious. Better components are affected by heat.So the logic is that cheap ,or poorly build stuff has no warm up .....

Okay....lets go and buy a great car. Make that 2 cars exactly the same make and model. Now lets make one a taxi and put it on the road all the time. You will give it the oil and tire changes as needed.

Now take the brand new car and put it on blocks and put the battery on a charger etc...change the fluids and oil etc ...after let's say 4 years.

I will be able to start my taxi ,but you won't be able to get the brand new ,mint condition going. 4 years of constant use ,versus none....You don't know how the physical universe works yet you are participating in it ,or you think anyway. Plug and play is a spectator sport and the real source of nonsense.

My point is not to invalidate anyone. Trying to get you to warm up the grey matter.