Shorten speaker cable

Hello, all,
i have a pair of Harmonic Tech Pro 9 speaker cables, 8’ long, purchased in the late 90’s. They say made in USA, are bi-wire with 2 spades on the amp end and 4 on the speaker end. When I bought them, I was running an integrated amp and now have mono blocks that are staying put. 8’ is just way too long. 3’ would be much better. Is there a place that can cut them down and re-terminate them or is this possibly a DIY project? I would consider terminating the leftovers and selling them cheap. 
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Its a professional project only if you care about resale. If these are "yours" for keeps then its a classic DIY. Unlike manufacturers who have to make everything for audiophools, with DIY the only one you have to please is yourself. This means you want the best most direct connection you don't go shopping for expensive spades you simply tin the bare wire ends with your solder of choice and stick it in the binding post. Or you buy the bling spade if you're into that.  

Then since you seem to like this cable you take the remainder and swap it in to upgrade the speakers internal wiring. Check first of course but hardly any speaker makers use really good wire their focus is on speakers and wood and crossovers not wire, so this is a pretty safe and sure upgrade.
Hi sawdustguy
   I shortened a pair of pro 9 cables some years ago.  IIRC it wasn't very difficult but took a little patience as there are a number of insulated wires to strip and combine.  I wouldn't hesitate to attempt it again if needed.