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Harmonic Technology Magic Link soldering issues
I run 2 pairs of 7m Pro Silway II to my amps.  My amps are McIntosh with vertical jacks which stress the cables.  3 of the cables started giving problems, and when I inspected the ends I discovered what I considered to be really poor workmanship i... 
Tonearm for vintage mm cartridges
I would add the SME series 3 to your list.  Designed for what you have in mind. Bill  
Thorens TD-320
Also, this this type of mounting is for non-threaded cartridges.  I think that your Hana has threaded metal inserts in it's mounting holes and I don't see how you can mount it on the TP16 headshell.  Maybe there's a way... Bill  
Thorens TD-320
Hi Joe I just looked at photos of both arms.  The TP90 arm photos all showed conventional looking cartridge mounts on what looked like standard plug-in type headshells.  The TP16 arm turned out to be the arm I recently installed a cartridge in.  ... 
Have you heard the Goldring Ethos Cartridge?
I have an Ethos.  It betters the EAT Jo No. 5 (which I really like) in resolution and dynamics in my system.  It's the first Goldring cartridge I have owned and so far I'm pretty happy.Bill 
Replacing the SME 10 stock tonearm
If I recall correctly Graham arms used to be available with SME-style bases.  I don't know if this is still available.One other thing to consider if you want to be prepared ahead of time is the phono lead.  SME connectors are rotated 90 degrees fr... 
SME V cable
Hi  The difference is only in 90 degree rotation.  Where it matters is how the cable exits the tonearm under the table.  Bill 
Quick Compatibility Question
I guess I will be the odd man out.  In MY system, 69.5db is marginal for that low of an output cartridge.  However, I am pushing my amp pretty hard when I listen at loud volumes, and doing so requires high volume control settings.  With 73db of ph... 
Phono stage for 0.2mv cartridge?
I respect these opinions but I think the system is OK.  It sounds really good to me, and I admit that my concerns are kind of fringe, because the volumes being discussed are higher than I think most folks usually listen at.  Actually, the gain is ... 
Phono stage for 0.2mv cartridge?
I have no lack of horsepower.  I am passively biamping B&W N801s with an MC2000 and MC1000s.Thank you for the conversion, Al.  I have wondered what the db gain is.  Actually, I am using my 0.2mv cartridge with the preamp phono stage with good ... 
Phono stage for 0.2mv cartridge?
This discussion is interesting.  The replies are kind of what I expected, and I hope to understand this a little bit better. My preamp's volume control reads in db from -80 to +15.  I listen to a variety of program material and with some symphonic... 
Shorten speaker cable
Hi sawdustguy   I shortened a pair of pro 9 cables some years ago.  IIRC it wasn't very difficult but took a little patience as there are a number of insulated wires to strip and combine.  I wouldn't hesitate to attempt it again if needed.  Bill 
Turntable that will be around heavy foot steps?
My SME 30 is the best table I have experienced regarding footfalls.  If you could find a used SME with the o-ring suspension it might work well in your situation.Bill 
What is the best way to tame a slightly bright speaker?
Tubes were the biggest improvement in taming my 801Ns.  Made the mids and highs much more listenable to me.  I still use SS muscle for the lows tho.Bill 
Bi amping question
Use a VOM to check the resistance between the two sets of posts.  If they aren't isolated from each other you don't want to try biamping as the two amps will interact.