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Basic question - connect McIntosh integrated amp to LS360 speakers?
Basic answer.   Interconnects and speaker wires are different things.  Interconnects are terminated with rca plugs or din connectors and are used to connect things like CD players to the amplifier.  Speaker wires are basically twinlead wires term... 
"Can You Lift Yours?"
OK, I have a story.  My MC2000 weighs 135 lb. and I had it stacked vertically above 2 monoblocks also stacked.  The MC2000 was on the top shelf sitting on a BDR Shelf for the Source (about 35 lb. I think) sitting on racing cones. I was moving to ... 
Listen with your skin.
Do any of you recall the articles some years ago about the deaf gentleman who listens with his hands holding a balloon?  He had serious systems, and said he could discern differences in cabling.  I suspect that his experience included more of his ... 
Why can't I load thumb drives?
Thank you for your suggestions.  You have answered the basic question I had, whether or not a thumb drive is useable. I will format and proceed accordingly. Thanks again, Bill  
Why can't I load thumb drives?
I have tried 3 different thumbdrives and every time the copy begins OK but slows down to almost nothing after a few GB, and starts indicating errors in the files.  Finally I give up.   As I said above, a friend told me that memory chips are just ... 
Why can't I load thumb drives?
My mistake.   gigabytes, not megabytes, and copy not transfer. I was tired... Bill  
Worth upgrading from MC611 to MC901?
FWIW-I run MC1000s and an MC2000 into N801s in a similar  configuration.  Adding the MC2000 was a definite improvement in my listening experience and I have no regrets. I don't know what kind of an alternative you mean, but if I were in your posi... 
Harmonic Technology Magic Link soldering issues
I run 2 pairs of 7m Pro Silway II to my amps.  My amps are McIntosh with vertical jacks which stress the cables.  3 of the cables started giving problems, and when I inspected the ends I discovered what I considered to be really poor workmanship i... 
Tonearm for vintage mm cartridges
I would add the SME series 3 to your list.  Designed for what you have in mind. Bill  
Thorens TD-320
Also, this this type of mounting is for non-threaded cartridges.  I think that your Hana has threaded metal inserts in it's mounting holes and I don't see how you can mount it on the TP16 headshell.  Maybe there's a way... Bill  
Thorens TD-320
Hi Joe I just looked at photos of both arms.  The TP90 arm photos all showed conventional looking cartridge mounts on what looked like standard plug-in type headshells.  The TP16 arm turned out to be the arm I recently installed a cartridge in.  ... 
Have you heard the Goldring Ethos Cartridge?
I have an Ethos.  It betters the EAT Jo No. 5 (which I really like) in resolution and dynamics in my system.  It's the first Goldring cartridge I have owned and so far I'm pretty happy.Bill 
Replacing the SME 10 stock tonearm
If I recall correctly Graham arms used to be available with SME-style bases.  I don't know if this is still available.One other thing to consider if you want to be prepared ahead of time is the phono lead.  SME connectors are rotated 90 degrees fr... 
SME V cable
Hi  The difference is only in 90 degree rotation.  Where it matters is how the cable exits the tonearm under the table.  Bill 
Quick Compatibility Question
I guess I will be the odd man out.  In MY system, 69.5db is marginal for that low of an output cartridge.  However, I am pushing my amp pretty hard when I listen at loud volumes, and doing so requires high volume control settings.  With 73db of ph...