Shindo & GamuT - Comments?

I am considering an upgrade to my primary system - I would like to pair a new Shindo Vosne-Romanee preamp with a new GamuT D200i stereo amplifier. I love Shindo preamps and the V-R is the best one I can afford. And I am very pleased with the amplification of my GamuT D150i integrated, which I would trade or sell to get the D200i. But I have concerns about compatibility of the V-R and D200i in terms of impedance and gain. Can any of you offer guidance, either based on actual experience with this combination of components, or based on your knowledge of impedance and gain matching between preamps?
Apologies - In my original post, the last phrase of the last sentence is incomplete. The following was/is intended for the aforementioned last sentence: Can any of you offer guidance, either based on actual experience with this combination of components, and/or based on your knowledge of impedance and gain matching between preamplifiers and amplifiers?
According to the specs I've seen, the Shindo has an output impedence of 600 ohms and the GamuT has an input impedence of 20K ohms, which means there should be no impedence matching issues. I can't see how gain could be an issue, but neither GamuT or Shindo is much for publishing specs, so that's only a guess. If the Shindo does have too much gain, you could always use some in-line attenuators.
Jmcgrogan2 - Thank you for your comments. I was pretty sure there was not an impedance problem, less sure about gain. It is my understanding that the gain on the Shindo is fixed and that the gain on the GamuT, both the stereo amp and the monoblocks, is adjustable to three different levels. Of course, finding out what those specific gain levels are and whether or not one of those levels would allow the Shindo and GamuT to shake hands well without in-line attenuators has been challenging so far. As you so correctly pointed out, neither of those companies, especially GamuT, publishes much in the ways of specs.
I have a Masseto and a Gamut D200 mk II but not in the same system.
The match should probably work fine but why would you want to do it?
The Shindo would be wasted with the Gamut in my opinion.
The Gamut is an awesome awesome amp and i currently run it with a Juicy Music Peach tube linestage that has a specific low output impedance setting meant to drive low input impedances successfully. The Gamut also has dip switch adjustable gain. It is a highly sucessful combo and makes great music but, in my estimation, the Gamut is not in the same league as your Shindo pre. If you want to go forward with it, I am sure it would probably work just fine though.
Bnrlaw - Thank you for your comments. I have a Masseto as well in another system, paired with Wavelength Cardinal X2 monoblocks. As for wasting the Shindo on the GamuT, I do not entirely agree, but that is due to my preferences and my system needs. When it comes to preamps, I prefer Shindo, case closed. I also really like the sonic characteristics of GamuT amplifiers. Sonically and of course to my ears, they have a nice combination of both tube and SS amplifiers; they also have gobs of power (which Shindo amps do not) and high current, either (and preferably both) of which I need to get the best out of my speakers (Verity Amadis). Regarding the GamuT dip switches for adjusting gain, are those on the back of the unit, are they accessible through the cover, or does one have to remove the cover?
You have to remove the cover.

What interconnect do you plan to use btwn shindo and gamut?

What speaker cables?

Good luck!

I never meant to imply that the combo will be anything less than really really good, simply that I think you are leaving some of the Shindo potential on the table and that you could make do with a less expensive pre.
Bnrlaw - Thank you. Again!

So, the cover would have to come off. At least the gain is adjustable.

I generally use Auditorium-23 ICs and will likely do so in this case.

I will either use the Wireworld Silver Eclipse 6 cable that I own, or the best model from Chord. If I were to go with monoblocks, the WW cable is too long and I would then look for a way to redeploy it.

I did not in any way feel that you implied the Shindo-GamuT combo would be less than really, really good. In fact, I fully agree with you that the V-R's potential will not be fully realized with GamuT amplification. I guess that suggests two more questions that you or another knowledgeable person might be willing to chime in on. First, what SS amp with high current and or high power (preferably both) would work well with a Shindo V-R to drive a pair of Verity Amadis AND more fully utilize all of the musicality that the V-R offers? And second, assuming GamuT amplification, what non-Shindo tube preamps (Being a fan of Shindo preamps, I usually don't think like this!) would be a more cost-effective match? I listen to many genres of music on this system, and in many cases, e.g., Mahler, Stravinsky, I like to crank up the volume quite a bit.