Shielded Phono Cable Suggestions?

My Well Tempered Simplex is pretty susceptible to hum and the manufacturer is recommending a shielded cable. I have been using a Kimber TAK CU and I like the sound but not the hum. Any suggestions in a similar price range, about $200 used?
Van den Hul
D-102 mk III - triple screen with two internal balanced conductors and floating shield

There are more expensive options available with slicer conductors if you like.
I used a Zu Xaus cable with good results when I had an Amadeus.
I find Audioquest to be very well shielded. For me, they always work when I get a hum with other cables. Its no guarantee, of course. Its just my experiance. If you call The Cable Company, they'll send you some demos to try in your system before. I use them all the time. Its a great service.
The last line should have read...
"There are more expensive options available with nicer conductors if you like"
VPI cable works wonders and is VERY quiet.
Grover Huffman Phono Cable for 200