Sheffield LP,,my first one

This is the first time I heard an LP from Sheffield, and although its not necessarily my cup of tea musically, its hard not to get hooked on well recorded and well performed music...The sound is leaps ahead of most,,,Good find for me

I also found:

Hungaratron label: Dvorak Symphony #5 in F major. Czech Philarm. dir by Vaclav Neumann

DGG Tulip sealed: W.A.Mozart's Klavierkonzerte A-Dur...all in german, so hard to translate...

my first L'Oiseau-Lyre LP...I have seen some new ones that looked like Erato releases, but this one has a beautiful cover and very thick vinyl,,,Its JS Bach's Cantata No.147

DGG Tulip of Beethoven's symphonies 1 and 2, Berliner Phil, with who else but HV Karajan.

Melodiya/Angel release of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto#1 in B flat, by Grigory Sokolov, winner of the 1966 Tchaikovsky competition in Moscow..with the USSR Symphony Orchestra.

Erato label..Shubert Grande Symphonie #9, by the New Philarmonia Orchestra, dir by Theodor Guschlbauer...

QUESTION!! WHo knows which Eratos are better...some have green and white labels, some have black (digital recordings, I think),,,they have thinner vinyl's as well...

I left tons behind...I am getting better at not getting everything I want!!!...alleluyah!
You have a toothsome list there. As for the Erato, I have a Green and White label that says 'Numeriquee Digital' and is thin. It is a 1986 made in France with RCA affiliation.
I found though that all my Eratos do sound good I guess its all good....very quiet vinyl./
This post was worth the price of admission just to see Aceto's use of "toothsome" in the forum. Excellent!
I looked through the rest today, and all my green and white are thin and digital; the earliest is 1983. But as Jsujo says, very quiet. And thanks, Hodie.
The Sheffield is a direct to disk recording. The Missing Link was once the demostration record used everywhere. There were many direct to disk recording done in the late 1970s. Mostly the music is crappy, but the sound is outstanding.

Recently at CES, I heard the laser turntable play Thelma Houston Pressure Cooker. This is a Sheffield dd. It sounded very immediate. I intend to try it on my conventional turntable soon.
I just got the Harry James Comin' From A Good Place...a Sheffield Labs from 1977,,the music is ok,,,but its quite enjoyable to listen to...

Also,,,anyone hear a Chesky classical?
I purchased a few Chesky's back in the late 80's that are fine re-masterings of the Sibelius Second Sym./Barbirolli; Reiner/Spain; and The Reiner Sound. All have wonderful sound, too.
Oh,,,lol,.,toothsome...for some reason I cant help posting when I get stuff,,,I have the maturity of a 7 year old when I find good will improve I hope.