Sheffield Labs Collectibles..need help

Can anyone tell me if the following Sheffield Labs Direct to Disc recordings are collectible, and are they rare or not. Dave Grusin-Discovered Again (boxed Limited Edition), The Missing Link Vol.2. Thanks in advance for any info that you can give me.
I believe the Grusin is a collectible, however is the "boxed set limited edition" the original pressing? Does not sound like it. I have the original Grusin LP that I bought new in 1978 (recorded in 1976, pressed in W. Germany). It is not a boxed set, just a album that has a 4 sided cover that opens like a book. There is also a newer copy of the Grusin that was made from a tape made from the original direct to disc master, so just like any regular LP. The number on my LP is Sheffield Lab 5 (SL19/SL20).
The boxed version of Dave Grusin usually trades for about $40-$50. The Volume 2 usually trades for $30-$40. Condition is critical. The 1st Sheffield, S-9, is super rare, and goes for many $$$'s. Ed
Sheffield provided their albums in boxes for awhile. For example, I have LAB 3, 5, 10, 11, 12, and 13 in boxes. Also have some of the same in standard covers from before and after the "box era." It was nice packaging, but took up a lot of room in record racks. The "non original" albums are the Treasury Series made from analog tapes recorded during the direct sessions. These were used to master a few vinyls and apparently the CDs. :)