Shanling T100 vs NAD S500?

Hi all,

My system consist of the NAD S100/S200 preamp/amp combo and is looking to add either the NAD S500 CD player(e.g. The new S500i is coming out end of this month) or Shanling T100 TUBE CD Player.

I really like the new look of the Shanling T100 CD player and the fact that it is TUBE. My question is, is it reliable
since it's a Chinese made?..and how good will it be?...

Should I buy the NAD S500i or the Shanling T100?..Which ones
will give me a better sound and is more reliable in the long

Hi longho 68

Stephen from Quest for Sound here ...we are a showcase dealer on audiogon ..and have been selling the shanling cd-t100 since they were first avlaiable here in the USA...

there have been a couple bugs .. like any new product -- but all minor--- there has been a couple transport problems ...

but really few .. compaired to quantities sold ...

we find the unit not only looks great and sounds wonderful ---but is also reliable ...and is built quite well -- especially from a service view....

I do recommend the western electric NOS 396 tube upgade --

there have been many positive reviews on this player -- right here on audiogon ...

really dont think you can go wrong...

if we can answer any other questions ,.. please contact us diect

good listening
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I can't compare the two players, but my Shanling has been running daily since shortly after the first shipment arrived on this continent. It's never had a glitch or a problem of any kind.
I love my Shanling and I agree with the Western Electric tube upgrade. No problems in four months of daily use.
Thanks for your feedback guys!!..I do noticed the the
CD reading lens can easily get dirty since the transport is outside of the unit and dirt and particles can get in easily?...

Do you guys have a tuff time keeping it clean?..because over
time, the Shanling might loses sound quality as a result of it.

It is extremely easy to keep clean because of where it is. No problems. Great looks - great sound ! Try cleaning a lens that is inside a sliding drawer.
I too wondered about the vulnerability of the Shanling's laser lens to dirt and damage. (It's something I could have addressed in my review, come to think of it.)

The reader assembly advances in a slot under the lid when a disc is loaded. It retracts when the cover is lifted. If you do what you're not supposed to do and lift the cover during actual play, the laser will retract. The disc doesn't fly off the spindle, in my experience, but I haven't actually tried to make it do that ; I only lifted the cover a tad too soon, before the disc had completely stopped spinning.

Another goof I committed was dropping the lid on a disc. I've done that number three times now since I got the player. Each time I cringed, and each time no damage was done. Conclusion : the player seems reasonably safe from fumblers like me.

In daily use there doesn't seem to be any problem with dirt. I live in a dusty old house with a family and three cats (no smokers, not even the cats) and the laser has never skipped, never needed cleaning. I did try out my Parasound cleaning disc just to see if it would work and it did.