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Power Cords--Your Preference?
I had the Mac Burly, and wow, what a difference that it made in my system. Audio Nirvana is all relatively and subjective to each individual system. To me, it is quiet, seductive, and let the music flows naturally. 
mbl 101e vs 116f vs 111f
Pass Labs XA160.5 or Bryston 28SST Square with MBL 101E?I'm driving my MBL 101E with LSA Integrated(e.g Standard) and it sounded pretty good. Just don't crank it up too load..:) 
Best way to clean Piano Gloss
How about the chamois cloth that is lint free at Target?...I saw that vs the really fine microfiber polishing cloth, and some 100% cotton baby diapers cloth too.Of the three, which ones do you think would attracts more dust and scratch free.Plexus... 
Moved to Houston, seeking new audio friends here.
Good to see you back to Audiogon Keith!!..and welcome back.Long 
Help with decision on selling Sony SCD-1
I agreed with Dgarretson. I had a chance to compare the Oppo DV-981 to the Richard Kern Modded 777es and the modded made the Oppo sound like a cheap $10 walmart radio. However, the Oppo 981 has a very nice 1080P upconvert video which I like a lot.... 
Help with decision on selling Sony SCD-1
The sky is falling!..I would stay away of getting the Sony modded especially to the main board....The main board is no longer available. The only way to get it fix, is to buy another 777es and/or SCD-1 and swap out the parts.Here's a direct quote ... 
Help with decision on selling Sony SCD-1
I would stay away from getting the SCD-1/777es modded. Sony does not have anymore Main Board for the SCD-1/777es in production. If you get it modded, you are at a very high risk of throwing it away if something happens to the main board. Here's a ... 
Opportunity to buy the best Preamp... but which?
What about Supratek Grange? 
Need your help finding a pair of speakers.........
How about this?....Jtinn says" It is better than the MBL 101e and all the kharmas line.http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?vaslt&1165063432&read&keyw&zzevolution%20acoustics 
Where to install Superclock3, Transport or DAC?
Richard at Audiomod is the best for me..http://www.audiomod.com/pages/679746/index.htm 
Help finding Hi End in Denver
You got to check out Audiofederation!! http://www.audiofederation.com 
Review: H2o Audio Signature Monoblocks
I second to Bob, The Chenin and H2o is a match made in heaven!!...get the Scintilla, and you're a God..:-)...I'm not a God yet, but someday I will be when I can find me a pair of Apogee Scintilla..:-)Bob, are you a god?...I think you are arent you... 
power amplifiers with ICEpower module
H2o is the real thing guys...I got them in my system for 1.5 month and they are getting better and better everyday....I am an ex pass x250 owner....and I've tried the Jeff Rowland 201 mono blocks......I like the x250 over the 201 but I like the h2... 
Best of Audiogon Members
Hi5Harry, Tok20000, Sean, ,and Bigkidz..:-)... 
Review: H2o Audio Signature Monoblocks
thanks Vince...Although I am very heppy with my speaker and current setup....I sure love to hear the Scintillas with the H2o someday....Henry loves the Scintillas!! Long