Shanling SCD T-200 Playback Problems HELP

My Shanling has been acting up. CD seems to stop playing after a few tracks play perfectly. No diminished audio when it is playing correctly, just stops after the 3rd or 4th track without notice.

Anyone have any troubleshooting advice? I don't want to have to pack it up and ship out for service unless absolutely necessary.

Thanks in advance!

Gerry Dunn
My T100 only had one odd glitch--on three separate occasions it hung partway through the disc. Switching off and waiting a minute or two fixed it. I think it must have been a problem with static (or perhaps the power line) and the control circuitry.

I'm sorry to say your problem sounds more like a laser in need of replacement, and I would have it looked at if I were you. Here's hoping I'm way wrong. You could try a lens cleaning disc first.
Thanks! I am hoping it is not the laser. Wouldn't a laser problem prevent decent playback on all tracks?

Wouldn't a laser problem prevent decent playback on
all tracks?

I've only seen one laser assembly go all bad--my TEAC transport's. It spun up
the disc but couldn't find the TOC. The readout showed a disc was loaded but
no track count.

This transport is a bit sensitive to being moved. After one move, it would read
some discs but not others. On another occasion it read most discs, but on a
few it either would not read the last few tracks, or tried to read them and

Time and gentle use solved the problem in both these latter cases. (For the
first problem, the hospital and a laser transplant was the only cure.) So it
appears possible that time, or an adjustment at the repair shop, may fix some
transport problems. However the T200 has a Sony transport, not a TEAC, and
its Achilles heel will not be the same.