How good is the CD Playback on a Toshiba HD-DVD?

Searched the Digital thread but could not find any references. If this question has already been asked/answered my apologies. Please reply with a link.

Otherwise, if you are the owner of a Toshiba HD-DVD and tried the CD playback, how good are the on-board DAC's ?

Thanks for your comments.
This is primarily a one trick pony. The hd resolution is very good. It may upconvert standard dvds so you can use hdmi-out. The quality on standard dvds is just ok--So I use my other dvd player for standard discs.
Now I never put a cd in mine but I wouldn't expect much.-- My point being, it does HD-DVd well the cd playback will get you by, as long as your expectations aren't to high.
George -

Thank you for your comments. I was very tempted to sell my dedicated CD player & the DVD player to put all the eggs in one basket, so to speak - mainly to reduce the clutter. I think I will probably hold off on that line of thought ...

I have actually played CDs in my HD-A1 player, and disagree with George's guesses, to a point.

I don't know what kind of CD player you are used to, so even though I have played CDs in my HD-A1 we have no common comparison that I know of, but here is my best try.

I would rate the HD-A1 as GOOD. Not bad, definetly better than the typical $300 CD player or 5 CD Changers, but not quite as good as my Denon 3930ci. The Denon has actually been rated as a pretty good audio player, and I would put the HD-A1 a little below it.

Now I wouldn't compare the HD-A1 with say a Rega Apollo, but I think it would compare well with any stand alone CD player in it's price class ($500 new - $250 used).

The HD-A1 brings out a fair amount of detail, with just a little harshness. IT also does a good job with DTS DVDs.

I think the HD-A1 does a good job of Upscaling SD DVDs. I do use my Denon 3930ci for SD DVDs but sometimes I question this. The HD-A1 seems a little sharper, but I prefer the 3930ci color a little better.

If you post what stand alone CD and DVD player, we may be able to give you more feedback.

Darrell -

I am using a NAD C542 thru the analog outs to my Denon AVR-1907 and I am using a basic SONY DVP-NS90V for HDMI upconvert to 720P and also use the 5.1 analog outs for SACD playback. With this scenario in mind do you think the Toshiba HD-DVD can replace the NAD & SONY. I will be losing the SACD option for sure.

Thanks for your input.
Confession time ;my cd player is the AA Prestige se Further; whenever I play a standard dvd;my Arcam 27 is much better--So these players are what I based my opinion on. I have also played cds on the Arcam while I was between players and it ain't bad. I still say the Toshiba is a one trick pony;great at playing HD movies.

Did you play a CD in you HD-DVD player yet or are you still giving opinions without basis?

If you haven't played a CD yet in the HD-DVD, I am confused why you are offering an opinion.

If you have, let us know so we can take your feedback more seriously.


I don't know either of these players well enough to tell you if the HD-DVD could adequately replace the other units.

I would keep the SACD, because personally, I would hate to give it up.

The HD-DVD player does well with HD-DVDs and SD DVDs. I guess you would need to figure out if you are giving up anything with regards to CDs in this exchange.