playback mps-5 v dcs puccini

Has anyone been able to compare these CD/SACD players. I have heard the dcsPuccini in my system and it sounds very good but have not heard the MPS-5.
would be grateful for any observations.
Hi, I've owned the DCS Puccini as well as the Scarlatti 3 box combo and IMO in my system, the MPS-5 clearly wins my vote. The MPS-5 may not dig as deep as the Scarlatti in terms of detail but it is so musical without sounding dull or uninvolving. The Puccini IMO is too clinical/ thin sounding lacking scale, resolution and depth of the MPS-5 and the Scarlatti. I sold my Scarllati set and bought the MPS-5.

Hope this helps.
I've heard the Puccini side by side with an EMM Labs XDS1.

I ended up picking the XDS1. Easier to make out different instruments/layers/vocals (in this respect it is similar to the MPS5 from memory) and noticeably lower noise floor (vs the Puccini) on the XDS1

I haven't had the chance to compare the XDS1 side by side with the MPS5 yet but from memory, they are more similar than they are dissimilar. The XDS1 seems to have a lower noise floor, the MPS5 has more decay/resonance in the mid bass which I kinda like.

The MPS5 also comes with the USB-X box now which allows you to send DSD audio over USB. That's pretty cool. The XDS1 has no such provision. dCS says they'll upgrade their USB devices to support this if there's industry acceptance but no commit on deliverables.

When I get the chance to put the XDS1 next to the MPS5, I'll post again.

I also owned the XDS-1 before the MPS-5. The XDS-1 have a slightly better mid band with vocals but loosing out to the MPS-5 slightly with a darker back ground, detail, 3D, resolution and dynamics IMO. The XDS-1 do have a deeper soundstage like listening from the 15th row whereas the MPS-5 brings you slightly closer 10th row. Saying that, the MPS-5 have a MUCH wider 3D soundsatge.

They both are great players and synergy with the rest of your system will play a big row in choosing which to go for. The MPS-5 ultimately is a cheaper machine which is a big plus.

I'll need to run in the XDS1 first :) The MPS5 I had on loan was fully run in and yes, I was damn impressed with it when I heard it in my system.

Unfortunately, I am not in the same country as my system at the moment.

A real bummer.

Can't wait to get the chance to hear the 2 side by side.
Thank you for for responses - going to hear a MPS 5 this weekend
i've not had the dcs Puccini in my system to compare to my Playback Designs MPS-5; so i cannot help with direct performance comparisons.

i am using the Playback Designs new USB-X box interface with my MPS-5 and have hundreds of DSD files on my server, as well as thousands of hi-rez PCM files that i'm listening to, as well as even a few 2xdsd files too. this is how digital was always going to be but never was, until right now. being able to access dsd and 2xdsd from my server seamlessly is so cool.

and with the MPS-5 it's the most reasonably priced super high level digital player as well as being the most advanced digital server dac/player.
Mike, can I ask where you are sourcing your DSD files from?

you can purchase DSD downloads from Blue Coast music. also you might investigate what you can do with a Play Station 3, the right software, and SACD's.
Hi Mike

thanks for your input - I have now purchased a MPS-5 2nd hand and am very pleased with the sound.
Mike - you mentioned the USB-X that you use with the MPS-5, have you compared CD disc playback with the same CD file played through the USB-X box from your computer?
I wondered if the playback from the computer, through the box, was as good as playing the actual CD.
I was considering getting the USB X box for my MPS 5.
You should get the USB-X box.

Get a Mac Mini with SSD and load it up with memory. Run some optimization to cut out unwanted background processes and dedicate the machine for music playback. Run Audirvana+ with Direct/INT mode and a good USB cable (I am using Cynosure from Locus)

IMHO it's getting to the point where the computer is about equal if not exceeding the built in transport.
thanks for your suggestions Doggiehowser. I have decided to get hold of an USB-X box, then investigate the computer side. I have a mac pro and a macbook pro at the moment.
I think as long as the machine is dedicated and you can disable background processes