SF Line 3 vs. Rogue 99

I have listened to the Rogue 99 and think quite favorably of it, but have also seen quite a few very affordable listings for the Sonic Frontiers Line 3 along with some very good reviews.

Comparing the features, etc.. does anyone have any first hand experience listening to and living with either unit?

thx al
Hi Little Al; The Line 3 is musically very neutral, and loaded with features including a great remote. I can't imagine any pre-amp with more features than the Line 3. Besides neutral, the Line 3 also is detailed, with excellent soundstaging. I've not heard the Rogue 99, but can't imagine it having a more desireable feature set than the Line 3. Good Hunting. Craig..
craig has taken the words from my keyboard...the line 3 is exceptional sounding and featured. the sound got me but the remote turned out to be icing on the cake!
I think Craig consisely sums it up. At the current selling price the Line 3 is a bargain compared to its competition. Still, most audio products have a sonic signiture and only you can determine if it works for you in your system. I can only tell you that I auditioned other more expensive preamps and still ended up buying the Line 3. Ultimately price was a big factor, but I don't feel like I sacrificed sound quality for price.
yup, it's all about Craig. he's got it nailed. the Line 3 is great, but don't settle for the line 1 or 2...
The Line 3 is a fine preamp at $5000 The Rogue 99 is a fine preamp at $2000 Due to the large price difference Im sure the Line 3 is a better preamp.I have a 99 and its the last preamp I plan on buying.I would not spend $5000 without listening to both.Hey,you never know!
I've only heard the 99. It was against a BAT 3i and the Rogue blistered the 3i -- made the 3i sound crude in comparison. Prior to that I auditioned a 66 against the 3i and would have rated them equal, although different. I bought the 66, but price was a factor (demo 66 LSR - $800, BAT ($2000, remote extra $500). I have not demoed the 99 v. 66, but can only deduct that the 99 would also humble the 66. Unfortunately, haven't heard the Line 3.
I had the Rogue 99 and the SF Line 2, SF more neutral,
on the less than exciting side. The Rogue 99 was more
alive, more bloom, richer, with SS detail, wider soundstage.

In fact I just bought another Rogue 99 because I found
I was missing it, and want to put something tubed back in my
system with bi-amped SS,ers

Please note that I had the L2 and not the L3, and have
never heard the L3 so I cannot compare the two, but can
say the 99 is a bargain deluxe at it's price. IMO!

Listen to both in your system.Its the only way to tell.
leafs is correct, obviously, but sometimes this is tough...

re: features, the sf wins hands-down. besides having a signal-processor loop, it has a tape monitor & balance control, which the 99 doesn't have.

re: sonics, i've never heard the sf, but everyone sez it's wery neutral - some critics say it's almost solid-state-like. i owned a rogue 99 magnum-version for about 6 weeks; it was wery tubey, w/no bass response in my system, possibly due to impedence problems. so, for me, i'd get the sf, even tho i've never heard it! ;~) but, as i'm way-happy w/my melos, i have no desire to look for something different.