SF GP VS Vienna Mozart VS Tempo III

I am looking for a pair of speaker (SF GP, Vienna Mozart and Audio Physic III).Which one sound the best.I have bryston 4 B ST and Theta Miles run direct to amp.
Audio Physic is much better in my opinion. The best soundstage at the price range. The Vienna is an attractive design, but a rather dull speaker. I have heard both at least 10 times.
I reccommed SF. I love their sound. I have a pair of Grand Pianos I am think of selling to upgrade to the EA 2's. If you are interested we could make a quik transaction....looking for 2K (10/10, OMB, less then 1 year old). Leave me your emial if you are interested.
Oh, BTW. I have been using Bryston 3B-ST's in mono bloc to drive them..They are a great match!! The slightly mellowness of the GP's are complimented by the edge of the Brystons....I am also using the BP-25 preamp..match made in heaven.
JB, when I have heard the GP's they seemed quite bright, but sure looked well made.
It seems that you do not have dealers carrying the speakers you mentioned in your area. It would be very difficult for the people in this forum to select one for you since it is highly subjective to define "best" depending on one's preference and reference points (i.e., even the definition of good soundstaging can be relative and therefore individual). I have not heard bad sounding speakers at the price range you are in for. It is more or less certain idosyncracies to which one is drawn (or dispelled by) and based on which one is to choose his pair. Higly subjective is that process. Because of that, it would not be wise of anyone to buy speakers without listening to them first unless 1) one is encompassing in his sonic preference, 2) one gets a good deal such that he can resell them without taking much loss, etc. I would like to suggest to go with speakers your local dealers carry, so that you can audition them before making a purchase. Otherwise, seek patiently and "impassionately" -- passion is often what gets yourself burned by some dishonest sellers in the net -- a good deal on one of the speakers you are interested in. Brystons are versatile in terms of system matching. So, you won't have much trouble to find nice speakers for it. Good speakers for classical music, at least to me, can be characterized as composure in presentation, the degree of accuracy, details with good microdynamics to accentuate them, natural tonal balance, good imaging and soundstaging, etc. Vienna Acoustics Mozart's are no exception while I, from what I have heard, do not expect Grand Piano's to deviate from the characteristics. You have already narrowed your choices down to two or three; in other words, you know what you want in terms of sonic charateristics and presentation. Therefore, it may be beneficial to keep your options open to seek a better deal on anyone of them instead of pursuing a certain brand based on others' opinions. With the first purchase (which will serve as your reference point), you can launch a journey to find one that suits "subjectively" best your system (although I believe it is better to start with speakers to build a system, e.g., speakers to amp section to source).