SET/PSET Amp recomendation for Reference3A Episode

Hi Audiogoners,

I need some insight on what amp work best with my new speaker Ref 3A Episodes. I listen mostly to Jazz, Vocal and Classical with some occasional rock.

Any recommendations? I have smaller room 15x 15
my pre amp is TVC (Sonic Euphoria)


I run my Ref3 A De Capos with a 4 watt Decware mini Torii in a 12 x 21 room. plenty loud. If you want more watts look at the other decware amps. But tubes are the way to go with Ref 3A

I always worried to under-drive my Episode. what kind of music are you listening to?
I was thinking of getting 20 watt P/SET 300b or even GM70 base amp (30 watts or more SET are $$$$$)
I am narrowing my choice down to several brands, but SACThailand amp comes to my mind, it just I don't know if I am going to like that amp, since US doesn't have any dealer.

Not familiar with your speakers, but if looking for higher power SET amps made in the USA, check out Audio Mirror. I have Vlad's 45 Watt SET monoblocks (more like 50 watts with peaks to 90) driving my 87db main speakers (Eggleston Works Fontaines) in a room larger than yours. Excellent build and SET sound quality is lovely. Also drop-dead gorgeous IMO too. I'd suspect no worries under-driving your speakers.
i listen to a variety from blues/rock/jazz some classical

I was surprised what 4 watts or i should say about 1-2 watts

i set about 14 ft from the speakers

but there are a lot of set/sep amp putting 10+ wts out
I own a couple SET amps of the 2a3 and 300b nature and have them mated to the appropriate speaker. BUT...I also have a more demanding speaker (Magnepan) in another system and I wanted to try a big SET on it. The one I bought and have been happy with for the last 4-5 years is the big Cary 805.

Cary has been making this amp since the mid 90's and there has been several iterations of it. The one I have and would recommend you looking into is the AE (Anniversary Edition), but I would not exclude the others. One of the things I like about the AE is that you can use either the 845 and 211 output tube just by flicking a switch. It's rated at 50 wpc with the 845 and 70 with the 211. I find it very musical. You might consider it.