Servers and tweaks

I just switched from Macbook to an Aurender N10. What is people's experience with upgrades such as Stillpoints footers and upmarket power cords?
I'd like to know as well...what about replacing the stock fuse on the AUrender, for a SR Red?
I had a significant improvement in my Antelope DAC  when I installed Synergistic Research fuses x 2 for the stock fuses. I am sure you will hear a nice improvement with the Aurender.
I also own N10, aftermarket power cords would be one way to go before you try any other tweaks. I have mine plugged with Audience Au24 SE MP power cord with great results. 

I have been thinking about Stein Music Super Naturals. IMO, solid wood tends to attenuate a lot of the high-frequencies and provides a warmer, richer natural sound.  

I have been using Hi-Fi tuning fuses in my pre-amp and amp with favorable results.  
i have NAIM with HRS nimbus couplers, HRS brick and a Pardo liner supply with Kimber AC cord...stunning changes...