Seeking Rupert Neve Fidelice DAC experience

There's not a lot of chatter on the Fidelice DAC/pre (outside of Darko's YT review) and to a lesser extent Guttenburg's review, which didn't provide a lot of insight.

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this unit. I'm mainly interested in it's DAC capabilities, and potential future use as a headphone amp. I'm not much into cans now, but am considering them as an alternative in the future.
wow i feel i am pretty 'up' on good dacs in the market... but i have never even heard about this one
I am sure its nice but its pricey......i have the Neve headphone amp....its a great piece.  But, if you look at the new Fidelice Headphone amp by Neve  it is my RNHP in an audiofool chassis... i think they have discovered that with some nice casework they can cash in on the home headphone Renaissance....

Is the Neve DAC really $5000 nice?  Who knows , but the Fidelice hewdphone and is $700 more than the RNHP and they look exactly the same o.n the inside