Seeking Cartridge for SME 20/2 TT & SME V arm

Have to replace my Shelter 90X due to damage to the cantilever. Not sure I want to go the Shelter route again.
Would appreciate recommendations on alternate cartridges. Not sure yet what my buget boundries are other than mega buck cartridges.
The Dynavector XV-1s is a great cartridge, and it pairs beautifully with your SME tonearm.
Part of this depends also on your phono stage. What is it?

I'm using a Lyra Helikon on my 20/2 IV.Vi arm. I love it. I've heard plenty of synergistic comments on the Dyna XV-1s as mentioned above. The Helikon maybe kinda of close in performance to your 90x...just a little different.

Depending on your budget, I'd add a Lyra Titan i to your list...that's likely my next move...or Koetsu Jade Platinum.

I'll also say upgrading the arm cable on that arm is critical. I like my Purist Venestas the best. I've also used Hovland and Graham. Power cords to the motor controller can change things pretty good to. The same things you hear w/ a better cord on your amps stages will be pretty much what you'll hear on the motor controller.

Finally, isolation bases seem to help. Currently I like my Symposium ultra...but I may try a HRS or a SRA soon...

Whatever you get, please post your listening impressions vs the 90x.

Thanks! Good luck.
Thanks Cincy bob and Jfrech,
The Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua on up to the XV-1s are all in consideration as is the Lyra Helikon. Warranty and availability of tip replacement, repair and upgrading options are also important considerations.
I am presently using a VAC Standard LE tube pre. with an internal tube phono stage.
I have a Joule VZN 80 on order that will drive my new Merlin VSM-MX with the Super BAM speakers. My TT sits on a Bright Star Big Rock 2. I will use an older Shunyata Viper for a power cord for the time being. A Shunyata Hydra is used for my power conditioner.
It would be very hard to compare my Shelter 90 X with any new cartridge since I have steadily upgraded my entire system in the last year. Thus, with all the component changes and upgrades the sound has been in a continual state of change. Often it was difficult to identify the source of a particular change in the sound.
I can say that the single most important upgrade I have made this last year was the Merlin/Joule combo. I am presently using an older borrowed VZN 80.
My CDP is a Sony SDC 777ES with a VSEI level 5 mod. I have been changing from Au-24 ICs and SCs to Cardas Golden Reference as the latter are most complimentary with tube gear.
Once the Merlins Merlin/Joule combo were dialed in, it brought my music listening experience to an entirely new level of satifaction. Unfortunately,
I lost my 90X before I could hear it on this present level. Incidently, my system is located in a dedicated music room treated with Echo Buster items.
Dear Goldmanjay: Beautiful audio system you have. I agree with the Dyna XV-1,very hard to beat, this is one of the top great cartridges out there.
Now, if we are talking of synergy then the Sumiko Celebration is a great mate for your analog rig, as a fact this cartridge was voiced working in a similar analog rig ( like yours )and is a a very good performer. You can read the Stereophile review on the SME 20 and 30 about. This cartridge has a low price but it performance is at the level of other top cartridges.

I think that you could put on your cartridge list the Colibri, Transfiguration W/V and the Allaerts MC2 Finish, too.

Regards and enjoy the music.