Searching For Sugar Man

I just finished watching "Searching For Sugar Man" on DVD. This is the documentary about Rodriguez. I had never heard of him before this film. It's a funny, fascinating, intriguing, heart-warming story of a musician from Detroit that no one seems to have ever heard of...unless you lived in South Africa.

An amazing journey that won an Academy Award for best documentary just a few weeks ago.

Highly recommended.
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the soundtrac is very nice too. a few songs have a dated approach but hey,,, its good.
Just saw the vinyl soundtrack for this at the rekkid sto
One of the most underrated artists in the history of music, in my opinion.
Yes I agree. Saw the DVD about two weeks ago and I too had never heard of him before this. Great story and highly recommended.
I've been following his career since the late 70's.
Cold Fact was quite a big selling album here in Australia.