Sugar in the tank?

I recently bought a set of M20 speakers and have only a Onkyo TX-SR502 HT receiver to power them (they would be the second set of front speakers used by themselves). Is this going to do any damage? I know that I will not be getting the most our of my set up and I will certainly purchase a new amp when my finances permit (looking into a Musical Fidelity a300).
In general, you should be fine ... just don't drive the Onkyo 502 and its rather minor 55 wpc (at best) to the clipping (distortion) point.

As HT receivers go, the basic Onkyo is a well made, well engineered little receiver (I owned its great grandfather the 434X), that is OK for music. It may not be an MF 300 (I own one of them also) in terms of finesse, but it is nothing to be ashamed of. Note: just make sure to set your Onkyo correctly up as a 2 channel receiver.

Regards, Rich
That is reassuring, thank you.