Searching for power amps with low damping factor.


searching for (solid state) power amplifiers with low damping factor.
Around 200 at 8 ohm.
(Modest input sensivity is also a key here, but most important is damping factor)
All suggestions and info is greatly appreciated!!

You could mail me directly so i could save the findings.

Thanks for looking in to the matter!
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Pray tell...why do you want low damping? I thought that higher is better.
why low? tubes are always low, I know Rotel amps are around 180=200
Anything over 100 is considered high.
Some manufacturers claims high damping factor being good for their speakers, but not all. A high damping factor give (in some cases) a drier less warm sound (depending on speaker construction, filters etc..)
My speakers for instance, sounds much better with low damping factor (around 40 at 8 ohm measured at amps speaker terminals). Damping factor is also a key factor of how the bassdriver is being controlled. This could be why one person think a specific amp is loose in the bass and person nr 2 (having another speaker of different construction) thinks the opposite.
It's better asking the speaker manufacturer what amps his/hers speakers was manufacturered (tuned) with.
Or, try to get a tip of what damping factor likely to suit your speakers. This is deciding the sonic nature of your speaker. On the warm, neutral or analytical/cold side.
We don't buy cars, then testing a bunch of different engines. I hope you understand inspite of my simile way of telling...

Check out the NuForce - they have a damping factor of over 1000 or something.
Elberoth2...4000 is what they say.
I understand what you trying to do. As you mention some speakers do not perform well with amplifiers of high dampening. It can cause the speakers frequency range output to be unbalanced..which pretty much throws tonal balance out the window. Op chip amps have a low dampening factor. Not sure of the exact rating though. This is why many single driver guys use the Chip amps. They have control of the driver without taking the sparkle or the bass out of the music.

An enclosure that is designed to remove the need to control the backwave reflections/pressure of the driver. Allows the driver or drivers to work more efficiently without the need for a high dampening factor amplifier. The cabinet does the work for the amplifier and driver relieving them of the stress. IME the midrange seems much cleaner or open on speakers designed this way.

I've always thought high dampening factors equate to high negative feedback. Which IME isn't a good thing in large quantites. It will have your ears bleeding on the wrong pair of speakers that's for sure.

Good luck
Why not just put a resistor in series with the speaker. Not much power would be "wasted" for a big reduction of damping factor.
I forgot to mention the original Monarchy SM70 as a viable solution. Dampening factor should be pretty low. Pure class A, Single ended with no negative feedback.
Since when is 200 low? 20 is low. The first Ayre amp had a low damping factor, as it is open loop. The new ones are also open loop, but maybe higher.

I know service guys who would stick a resistor in the output of cheap receivers to keep amps from blowing up as easily. Gives it "that fat party sound", as they would say.
I second Eldartford's idea.