Schiit Ragnarok instead of my Krell KAV-300i?

Treated myself to Spatial Audio X2s.  Krell reconditioned my KAV-300i, and it's fine.

Theta Pearl transport
Theta Pro-Prime II Dac, balanced into Krell.

Well, I have no complaints, but also have no basis for comparison.  Replace the Krell with a Schiit Ragnarok?

Mostly jazz, especially piano trio.

The X@s are fabulous, by the way.
Just my two cents regarding the Freya.  Let me preface this by saying I am a Schiit fan, have a Gungir MB, Loki, and Mani in my main system and a Vali2 and Modi2 on my desktop.  I tried the Freya as a replacement for my Adcom GFP-750 and found it to have a distinct veil.  I am not positive it wasn't defective, but when I returned it to Schiit, they never informed me that there was an issue when they tested it (which they supposedly do on all returns).  

I ran the Vidar while my amp was being rebuilt and it was a great amp, the only issue I had was not enough power for my Magnepans (plenty for Revels).  I am not sure that the Rangarok would be an upgrade from your Krell, or enough power.  If I were looking at a replacement, I would probably be looking further up the ladder, but it will cost you dearly, something like a Pass or ?????