Schiit Gungnir and redbook cd playback

Hello all.

For those of you who own one, how well have you found the Schiit Gungnir to perform with redbook cd playback?

Many Thanks
This is what I saw in another forum regarding a user's thoughts on the Schiit Gungnir for redbook CD player only.

"Both the Benchmark DAC2 and the Schiit Gungnir sounded ever so slightly different than the Bryston BCD-1 player.
When sitting in the sweet spot, perhaps they cast a wider, deeper soundstage. Tonally, however, I preferred the Bryston, even with it's narrower, shallower stage. A richer, more organic sound to my ears.
There is no doubt in my mind that there was more information being presented by the two contender DACs. This did not correspond in my case, to a more listenable or enjoyable sound. I suppose the high dollar DACs might combine both the tonality I like, along with that extra detail.
I don't want to disparage either unit or company. Both were prompt and courteous in the refund process. Both performed flawlessly and were built extremely well.

Associated Equipment:
AZ Crescendo speakers
Dehavilland UltraVerve 3 preamp
Bryston 4BSST2 amplifier
KCI Silkworm Plus interconnects"
Tube Meister...I have one and like it quite a bit. Believe it is a good value and well made. Initially, the high end sounded very rolled off (also new was the Pangea AC14SE power cord I have on it) and bass somewhat overwhelming. Not well balanced over the frequency range. With long break in time and also switching to Silversonic ICs the balance is restored. Can listen for hours without fatigue. Good detail retrieval but not harsh. Brass and strings don't hurt my ears (Totem Forests with metal dome tweeters). Probably NOT the last word if you are looking for an "analytical sound". Good soundstage width and depth. Also using it as DAC for computer audio. Got mine as a demo from AudioAdvisor so enjoyed a small discount otherwise would probably have gone with the BIfrost with uber analog upgrade (though not with the USB option). Use a M/F 192 USB converter from computer to the Gungnir and DH Labs coax from converter to Gungnir. Silver Sonic ICs from Gungnir to pre-amp. Haven't tried balanced/XLR out yet..just running RCAs. Good luck in your search.
I think it's a piece of Schiit. Someone was bound to say it.
Sorry - that should be Stager Silver Solid ICs and DH Labs Silver Sonic digital cable.

To add further to Jedinite's posting...

Bryston BCD-1 was $2700-$3200? (discontinued??)
Benchmark DAC-2 $1800-$2000 (Amazon)
Schiit Gungnir w/o USB option $759; w/USB option $859 (Audio Advisor)