SBT vs Sonos ZP90: Best Digital Output?

Has anyone compared the digital output between Squeezebox Touch and Sonos ZP90? This can also include modified units (Cullen, Boulder,...). Please mention system details to help gauge listening perspective and price point.
Touch has lower jitter. I have reclocked both, so I know the stock sound. Sonos has a nicer interface IMO.

If you got Touch and the powered it from LI battery pack, this would be quite good.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Anyone else who has compared modified units?
I doubt if there are many that have listened to both units modified.

I have the Touch and it was modified by Bolder, I also bought the Bolder Linear power supply. Both were very positive upgrades over the stock Touch.
I also tried the Monarchy Combo DIP's and found that they had no effect with the Touch. So, I guess the Touch's Jitter is lower than the Monarchy units.

Never heard the Sonos units, but I am enjoying the modded Touch playing digitally through my Cary Pro Dac.
I may never know, as I've decided on the Bryston BDP-1.