Sanders 10e

Congratulations to Roger Sanders and Sanders Sound Systems on The Absolute Sounds INCREDIBLE REVIEW on the best darn speakers I have EVER heard.  

Roger Sanders - The Genius.  
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I just had a chance to hear the Sanders 10e's. I found them to be delightfu - musical and extended with correct weight and detail in the bass. The soundstage was wide and deep. I was able to shift comfortably in my listening spot with any degradation of the soundstage. Amazing speakers!
Stewart from Sanders web-site:
"Q. OK, I see the advantages of narrow dispersion, yet what happens when I leave the "sweet-spot?"   Sanders Sound Systems speakers are designed to bounce the ESL's rear-wave off the wall behind the speaker where it can spread out and fill the entire room. As a result, our speakers sound about the same off-axis as conventional, wide-dispersion speakers. When off-axis, you won't hear the precision image you do at the sweet-spot, however, the sound is quite satisfactory for casual listening or even for home-theater use".

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"Quite satisfactory for casual listening or even for home theater use!!!!"

You just made my point
No, not like headphones. I better audition them if I have a chance.
No doubt they have a small sweet spot but not as dramatic as some are indicating.  I heard them at RMAF and was floored.  I thought they were superior to anything else there.  True story.  He was playing a variety of dynamic music which helped the evaluation process....unlike many of the other fine systems which I can only surmise were trying to recreate the atmosphere of a funeral parlor.  

One other thing...I'd be interested to have heard them without the room correction employed.  I think it would have been a different story.  I am becoming more convinced DSP is the way to go.