Samsung PN64D7000 VS. Panasonic TC-P65VT30

Ok, we are at the home-stretch and it's come down to the 64" Samsung Plasma or the 65" Panasonic Plasma.

I'm really torn on which one, so I am open to feedback on the following:

1) Picture Quality
2) Reliability/Service History of Problems?
3) Sound Quality from the TV's Built-In Speakers (for regular TV viewing, not surround)
4) Off-Axis Viewing
5) Performance in Well Lit Rooms
6) User-Friendliness when Streaming (Netflix, etc.) from the Internet.

I have a hunch that this may just come down to personal preference. However, if you have any experience with either or both of these models that would offer a strong pro or con, please share your thoughts.

Thank you.
I would feel more comfortable directing you to the AVS Forum web site. They have specific threads for these two models. Do your search and ask questions there. They are more into video and have some excellent technical resources and contributors. Make sure you check out the calibration thread for whichever model you decide upon. It really makes a difference to use proper settings.
You really hit a nerve with me on this one! Let me start by saying I have an open case with the BBB against Panasonic as I write this. The VT 30 is Pana top model, where as the Sam 7000 is second to the 8000 model. I would go to the links provided by Tom6897. I have a defective 65 VT30 and this is my second one. The picture is excellent however I wouldn't buy another one. I am going to go for the new Samsung when it comes out, but I may not go for plasma and opt for LED, or OLED (if I can wait long enough). You can send me a PM if you want more info on the Pana problems. BTW, from what I understand available inventory is getting low since the new models are scheduled to be out next month.
I can second the AVS forum for the skinny on the two tvs. D-Nice has some excellent info on set up and performing a good burn in of a new plasma. Item 4)I can comment: Off axis viewing with plasma tvs is not a real issue. LCD tvs are the ones with off axis issues. Those are both excellent sets you are shopping for and I am sure you will be blown away by the video performance of either set.
Thanks for your comments and pointing me toward the other forum. This was very helpful.