Samsung DLP Set Up

Hello all, So some Questions~
Set up~ What will give the best image ? What should I set the color tone to Normal-Cool 1-2 Warm 1-2 ?Should I set the Film mode on or off- DNIe on or off ?
Also for DVD players I have a sony interlace player now ,Should I get a Progresive scan DVD player ?This TV has DCDi by Faroudja decoding engine so should I let the DCDi Faroudja do the interlacing ? If I get a new DVD player will it be overkill to get a denon with DCDi by Faroudja decoding ?
Thanks Again ANTMAN~

Try asking this at , you should get a better response.

go buy "AVIA" DVD that will discuss you system(speaker placement, allow you to test audio levels) setup and allow you to correctly calibrate your TV colors without guessing... John's suggestion about the AVSFORUM is excellent also.
If this is a HD unit, sure, why not get a progressive DVD player w/ Faroudja chip in it to fulfill the potential of your HDTV. Panasonic used to make 5 disc progressive DVD changer w/ Faroudja chip in it (discontinued $220-CPK 72 or $130-CPK65, after rebate). You can look for those, or get a $450 Yamaha 5-disc DVD changer w/ Faroudja chip and DCi technology for concert DVDs. B/c I have children, I'm an advocate for 5-disc changer. :> )
Four slots always have kids' movie, and the fifth one is always available for my new release. :> )
Good luck to you.
The best DVD player for your TVset is Samsung DVD-HD931. Because right now it`s one of just a couple of players with DVI output. You`ll get amazing picture quality and it can be had for under $200.00.