same cables

Hey guys, I'm new at this so be kind.... do you run the same type of interconnects throughout your system or do you mix? I'm just now experimenting with cables and am trying to figure out what I like.
I suggest that you search the archives as this question comes up once or twice a month with a variety of responses.

Several threads on this subject. Try placing 'same' in the 'search archives' of the Discussion Forum. Then use the drop down and select 'Cables". You'll get a list - here's an example:
wow..the search function, what an idea...thanks guys, I'm a dork
Hey you are not a dork. If you want to hang out around here then call yourself a learning audiophile.

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I use the same, Cardas NR throughout my higher fi stuff and use some el cheapo Monsters that have been around going on 10 yrs for a tape deck. Heck, I even have a 6m pr of Audioquest Turquoise rca's I got from Sound City for like $100 10 yrs ago that I use to use in my big rig (truck )setup. I now use them for my turntable
No, we are all pretty much "Dorks" around here.

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My wife would agree with Leica man's comment.


It might help to know what components you have. I like using a combination of silver and copper. For example, in my 2 channel system, I'm using silver IC's and copper speaker cables. In my HT system, I'm running all silver cabling.
I have a Mac 2105 (just purchased :-)), Dynaco Pas3, Rega planet, AR-TA, and Energy RC-10 speakers, Klipsch KW-10 sub I'm VERY pleased, but, well ya know.... thinking of a Mac C28???
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