Salk Archos speakers

Has anyone had a listen to Salk Archos open baffle ribbon tweeter speakers?
Go to Audio Circle(link below).There is Salk group that has many threads.Good luck.
I had the opportunity to listen to them in Jim's listening room. I have to say I was impressed. They are open and reproduce timbre very well. This in an atypical environment as Jim's room is in his basement and has no room treatments. We just moved speakers in and out with no regard to serious placement. Jim was using a Van Alstine amp, preamp, and DAC with computer audio as the source. We listened to many different types of music and ran some tests off my Chesky test CD. The Archos in particular handled everything extremely well.

Salk speakers are a very good value IMO. The attention to detail in build quality and their overall sound are hard to beat for the price.
Thanks for the responces.