SACD player with digital input?

I want to run my tube output Ahoe Tjoeb redbook cd player out to a SACD (as a DAC, essentially) and then run the SACD to my amp.

All this is an attempt to 1) use both a tube based redbook cd player; 2) use 2 channel SACD; and 3) save space in my living room (WAFx2!).

Is there an excellent SACD player with a digital input?

The Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista is the only one box SACD player I know of with a digital input. However, you wouldn't need the other player, as the Tri-Vista is an awesome tube based redbook player in it's own right.
Confusing question. A sacd player won't convert your pcm from your Njoe to dsd, there's no reason to use the Njoe as a transport for the internal dac of another player, when you can just use the transport and dac inherent in the superior player and be done with it. The redundency in such a setup won't make for the best sound, nor use of funds. Also, you won't be running a SACD player directly to an amp, unless you don't like your current speakers very much, as there is no volume control on any SACD player I know of.

The Trivista is leagues beyond the Ah Thjoeb, as it should be for 10x the cost. Try a Marantz 8260 or SA-14, or a Sony XA777ES, you'll sell your current player without any thought of a digital input, while gaining shelf space as well, not to mention the wonders of SACD.

Also, the Njoe isn't an tube output player, it has tubes for buffering, completely different layout.

i don't know if this is making much sense, if you're still confused feel free to email me at to discuss this further.
Socrates Dan Wright said he can put volume to my
Sony 9000es, if I want to, my sony is under
mod right now, but I am not sure I want the volume,
What do you think?
I believe the xindak sacd player has a volume control, and tube output. Maybe you could make the exchange and get even more shelf space. BTW, I am not a xindak dealer.
I would also be interested in a (sacd) player with a digital input, so I could play music concert DVD's,in pcm, and improve the sound over my HT combo.
Also, just for the record, the Accuphase D 85 SACD player has a digital in. Big, big bucks.
Jayctoy, I do have an opinion on the volume pot in the player subject, but it will step on some toes....ah, who care...I'm a bit stupified by audiophiles wanting a volume control in their CD players, when they turn their nose up so quickly at integrated amps, essentially amps with volume pots. Makes no sense to me at all. Digital volume controls, which most CDPs use, sound horrible to me, at least until you get into the mega buck player range. Analog volume controls are passive, act like a passive preamp in line, and sound like it too: lacking dynamics, no musical drive, lacking prat and sound thin, though some like the supposed added "transparencey" I'll do without it, not worth the tradeoff to me. You can tell I'm a bit biased on the subject :) I like a good active preamp in the mix. I've tried the alternatives but always liked what an active line stage did for the music, irregardless of the stereophonic hi-fi illusion aspect.