Rrog... thank you for the polish info... speakers?

You seem to be very knowledgeable about audio matters... so if you have time and any thoughts, I would appreciate it. I haven't been serious about audio in 50 years (first amp Bogan DB 212). I recently sold my Celestion SL700SE's (after 20 yrs.) through Audiogon wanteds and purchased Fritz Rev 5's with upgraded Scanspeak drivers (Illuminator 5 inch woofers and Revelator tweeters) in 12x15x9 room. I think they were a prototype because I never saw them on his website... Fritz must have had them lying around, because I got them in about 8 days. Rrog... having the same amps as me (Quicksilver 90 monos) you might have some thoughts. My gut feeling and odds and probabilities tell me I will like them very much (but not very knowledgeable). I finally have time to enjoy music... in bar and restaurant business all my life in Chicago and all I had time for was work and fun.
Zoot45, The Silver 90 monos are great amplifiers, producing 90 watts pure pentode from 2 KT88 output tubes (less is more). With the Silver 90 monos I also use Quicksilver's Full Function preamp, a winning combination. I have used several speakers with the Silver monos. The amps work very well with electrostatic speakers and possibly the best amp I have ever used with Martin Logan CLS. The Silver 90s are terrific with Living Voice Auditorium speakers. They are a slender floor standing speaker that is extremely tube friendly and great sounding. The best speaker I ever used with the Silver 90s was ESP Concert Grand. ESP is not around anymore, but the speakers show up used from time to time and a "want to buy" ad may bring a pair to the surface. The Concert Grand would be large for your room, so I recommend looking for ESP Bodhran if you want to go that route. If you prefer new or a later model go with the Living Voice. The Quicksilvers and Living Voice work well with Chord Cables. I hope this helps.
You will enjoy the Rev 5 speakers and your amps have more than enough power to drive them. My company has been sharing a room with Fritz for the last couple of audio shows and I have spent extensive time listening to your speakers as well as the Carbon 7 model. Both are well designed and while not the most efficient speaker their impedance curve is very smooth. Note that we used 10 watt SET amps to power these speakers and attendees and reviewers alike were quite impressed that not only did this combination work it worked quite well. Congratulations on your purchase.
Hoot45, It was late when I responded to your post and I did not realize you already purchased the Fritz speakers. I do not have experience with Fritz speakers. Since you already own the speakers you should evaluate them and give us a report. When going from one small speaker to the next it is my opinion they are just different flavors. I hope the Fritz are a flavor you like. When it comes to advice from dealers, distributors or manufacturers take their comments with a grain of salt.